Sproughton Community Shop currently stocks over 900 different lines.  A full stock list is being prepared for presentation to customers electronically.  In the meantime, here are some examples, arranged in categories:

Food and drink
            Groceries and dry goods; frozen foods
            Local fruit and vegetables
            Local bread, etc., delivered daily
            Confectionery and ice cream
            Local and speciality cheeses, milk, yoghurts and other dairy products
            Local fresh meat, sausages, bacon, pies and cured meats
            Any type of meat to order from local low intensity farms
            Soft drinks and mixers
            Beers, wines and ciders
            Hot drinks to take away
            Wide range of Fairly Traded goods.
                Gluten-free pastas, cake mixes, biscuits, etc.
                Dairy-free cakes, chocolate, etc.

Toiletries and medicines
            Toilet paper and tissues & baby-changing items
            Tooth paste,
            Soaps, shampoo, shower gels, etc.
            Feminine hygiene
            Non-prescription pills, creams, plasters, etc.

            Newspapers and magazines
            Photocopy paper 
            Greetings cards
            Postage stamps

Household cleaning materials
            Ecover products
            Washing powder
            Bleach and other cleaners
            Dusters, scourers, etc.
            Rubber gloves

Hardware and sundries
            Pet food
            String, cotton reels
            Heat Logs, fire lighters and BBQ sets
            Cycle puncture repair kits; de-icer in the winter

Gifts     Seasonal hampers, etc., at Christmas, Easter, Mothers’ Day. etc.
            Small Fair Trade gifts for any occasion

Plants   Bedding plants and herbs in season
            Perennials to order

Where appropriate, we try to source from suppliers in Suffolk.  Here is a list of our current local suppliers.

Adnams Brewery                       Southwold                     Bitter, Broadside, etc.
Aspall                                        Stowmarket                   Cider
Baker’s Delight                          Capel St Mary               Bread & pastries
Barnards Pet Foods                  Ipswich                          Pet foods
Calvors                                     Coddenham                    Lager
Coffee Link                               Ipswich                           Coffee
Sam Cole                                  Lowestoft                       Pure beurre frozen croissants
Country Pies                             Church Fm, Capel          Meat pies and pasties
Crouch Vale Brewery               Woodham Ferrers, Esx  Brewer’s Gold ale
Foulgers Dairy                           Woodbridge                  Marybelle milk etc.
Fruits of Suffolk                         Crowfield                       Jams and sauces
Gate Farm                                 Flowton                         Free range Eggs
Gilbert the Galloping Chef         Sproughton                    Cakes
Greene King Brewery                Bury St Edmunds         IPA and Abbott Ale
Hamish Johnston Cheeses       Woodbridge                  Speciality cheeses
Heritage Orchards                     Burnt Eleigh                 Apples
Lennox                                      Belstead                       Dry cleaners
Lodge Farm                              Lindsey                         Strawberries & raspberries
Marybelle Milk                           Walpole                        Milk, yoghurts, crème fraiche
Maynard House Orchards         Bradfield St Clare         Apple juice
Nahida’s pickles                        Kesgrave                      Accompaniments for curries
Nethergate Brewery                  Cavendish                     Old Growler porter
Palfrey & Paul                     Woodbridge         Beef, pork, chicken, bacon, ham, game      
Richards Brothers                     Witnesham                    Fruit and vegetables
Sandra Grey                              Boxford                         Honey
Shire Foods                              Dereham, Norfolk          Groceries
Stokes Sauces                          Rendlesham                 Mayonnaise and sauces
Suffolk News Delivery                 Ipswich                        Newspapers
Suffolk Pâté Co.                       Coddenham                  Pâtés
Truckle Cheese Company       Cambridge                    Onion marmalade, biscuits
James White                             Ashbocking                  Fruit juices
Wilkins & Sons Ltd                    Tiptree, Essex              Jams and marmalades.

The websites of some of our local suppliers are listed under links

Below are shown some of the local Suffolk foods that are stocked in our shop. Enjoy!


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