Accounts, up to the end of 2016.

                                    2010         2011          2012         2013           2014            2015 
Profit and Loss        
    Turnover                  67,053      87,010       83,243      83,343        82,118          79,203
    One off grants         18,930      
    Total income            85,983      87,010       83,243      83,343        82,118          79,203
    Costs (see note 1)   (65,598)    (91,374)    (83,220)    (81,995)    (80,213)          (75,977)
Profit/(Loss)               20,385      (4,364)       23             1,448           1,905           1,630
Balance sheet
    Fixed assets (see
             note 2)             8,529        5,694        3,765        3,098         1,220           2,416
    Stock                        5,212        4,722        5,089        5,623         5,016          5,906
    Cash in bank            6,644        5,605        7,190        8,771        13,161         14,320
TOTAL                       20,385      16,021      16,044      17,492        19,397          22,642

Explanatory Notes.

1. Costs are made up of regular items  (wages, utility bills, rent, etc.) plus exceptional items (repair of  equipment, etc.) plus the cost of the sales.

2. Many of our fixed assets depreciate as time goes by.  The entries in the table take depreciation into account.

Year-by-year comments.

2010:    We started trading in March 2010 and were fortunate enough to receive close to £19,000 in grants to launch the project. As can be seen from the table above, we spent the money on fixed assets (freezers and chillers, EPOS till, electrical equipment, shelving and counter, etc.) together with the essential initial stock!

2011:    This was our first full year of operation, finding our feet, working out costs, etc. It can be seen that we were trading at a loss.

2012:    This was a turning point for us. Some costs were adjusted and we managed to make a small profit this year which reduced the carried-forward loss just a little.

2013:    During the year we adapted our stock according to customer feedback and managed to make further reductions in our costs.  One of our managers was made redundant - (see also project history). However we still carried forward a loss of £2,893.

2014:   This was a year of adjustment. The higher profits anticipated by losing a member of staff, were offset by litigation costs associated with the redundant manager.  Some volunteers willingly took on extra duties during the year, for which we are very grateful. The loss carried forward this year was reduced to £988.

2015:   This year  we were able to give away a total of £2,500 divided between the following Sproughton charities: Primary School Association, Church Fabric Fund, Reading Room Trust, Millennium Green, Playing Field Management Trust.

For the wider picture, see also  project history




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